Soap is the best defence against a virus! It works better than alcohol based hand sanitisers and hand sanitiser gels. Soap works by dissolving and breaking down the virus’s protective membrane called the Lipid Bilayer.  Once the outer structure starts to break down, the virus simply unravels, falls apart and becomes INACTIVE. To keep the virus inactive and unable to infect, remember to wash your hands frequently with SOAP. SOAP HELPS KEEP YOU SAFE!

Palm Free Irish Soap

Palm Free Irish Soap is a small family business with a strong commitment to sustainability. Making a difference through offering Zero Waste, Plastic Free alternatives to everyday soap, shampoo, deodorant and laundry detergent. 

Palm Free Irish Soap was born out of the first handmade Irish soap company (Gallunac), established in 1996 to produce a Luxurious Handcrafted Artisan Soap. The makers created a 100% vegetable oil based soap using the finest food grade oils, natural plant based colours and pure essential oils.

Their method of making soap is traditional, relying on manual labour and elbow grease and doing away with the need for fancy machinery. Fresh rainwater is collected before being filtered and incorporated into the soaps. Their ‘Cold Process’ means the vegetable fats only require gentle heat for saponification to occur, conserving energy and reducing the carbon footprint. The range is 100% vegan. Recipes are constantly updated and new products added. HPRA (Health Products Regulatory Authority) regulations are adhered to. All recipes are cosmetically assessed as per European guidelines. Bars are individually hand cut and stamped with the Batch Code, Best Before Date, Name of Soap and Company Name. 

With growing awareness of the pollution being created on a global scale, Palm Free Irish Soap aims to fulfill the demand for a more environmentally friendly alternative.Their Zero Waste products are very appealing, making perfect Irish gifts.We at Clifftops haven’t used any other soap since 1996.