Irish and locally designed knitwear, vintage clothing, children’s clothing

Zand Amsterdam Skirts

Established in 2004, Zand Amsterdam created  the first and only patented design of this wrapskirt.

The skirts are one size fits all, thanks to the row of snap closures. They fit sizes 34 to 42 European (UK: 6 -14, US: 4 -12). Plus Sizes skirts fit from size 40 to 50 (UK: 12-22, US: 10-20). They come in children’s sizes as well. 

They are available in any imaginable length, all the way down over your ankles, to covering your knees, to showing your knees.  

It’s highly unlikely you’ll find the twin sister as the combination of fabrics is unique. The variations in fabrics and colored prints used in the belt (inside and out!) and the lower part of each skirt (inside and out!) guarantees unique combinations you will not encounter anytime soon.

These skirts have many different looks, from retro, to business, to flirty – in a snap: they are many different skirts in one.

  • Wear as a skirt
  • Wear inside-out, they reversible!
  • Wear the unzipped upper band as a belt
  • Wear the pouch on your jeans (attached to the loops)
  • Wear the pouch over your shoulder with the included strap
  • You can make four different combinations out of one skirt thanks to the special zipper in the belt It only takes a minute to change your 

The skirts are fairly traded from India. Fair Trade for Zand Amsterdam is making sure the people that are part of their success also share in their success.

The Indian tailors who make the skirts are treated with respect, paid a good wage and have safe working conditions. No children are ever involved in the factory’s work.

Zand Amsterdam do not produce their own fabrics. They buy ‘surplus’ stocks that are too beautiful and good to be thrown away in a dumpster. Not producing fabrics themselves helps to prevent waste and make this world a cleaner place.

Zand Amsterdam LOVE colour and think people will become more happy when they are surrounded by more colour. They consider the skirts to be secret mantras of happiness.