Irish and locally designed knitwear, vintage clothing, children’s clothing

Ard aLume

Ard aLume, formerly known as “Rainbow Stained Glass” create a  large selection of handcrafted stained glass ornaments. Beautifully made with great attention to details, their colourful and vibrant  glass souvenirs make a great gift. They are high end quality items. 

The artist creates the items in her studio which is situated at the edge of Connemara in the West of Ireland. They make handcrafted pieces in a range of vibrant colors, using the potential of glass and lead to capture the glimmer and beauty of light.,This husband and wife team have been working together for some time and complement each other. She is the burst of energy, and he is the steadying influence. With an engineering background, they are very detail orientated. They create each window hanging with great care, and attention to detail and wouldn’t be satisfied with a product of less than the highest quality.

The artist has spent long hours learning the skills. She starts the creative process by first picking up the colors. She uses big sheets of colored stained glass, favouring bold and vibrant colors. The glass looks exquisite when the sun hits it.

The method used is called the Tiffany technique. Cutting the glass into small pieces, according to their design. She then grinds each piece with a grinder to smooth the edges and define the shape. After that, she puts a copper foil around each piece and puts the design together, like a jigsaw. The final step is soldering, which is the most important to the final result.All the leftover scraps of glass by passing them over to her friend who reuses them in her fusing glass classes.

The artist’s work is her passion and she likes being responsible for the whole process,